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Garden Landscape & Water irrigation systems in Fremont CA

Rake and Hoes

East Bay Landscaping Co. has three decades of experience designing, building, renovating and maintaining beautiful, sustainable landscapes.  Our depth of knowledge and advanced skill set extend to irrigation systems and water auditing as well.  Whether interested in organic techniques, ornate designs or irrigation systems, we customize services to meet your needs.


East Bay Landscaping Co. is a complete landscaping company offering garden landscape & water irrigation systems in Fremont CA, specifically designed for residential and commercial communities.  Our landscapers are highly trained, experienced professionals known for detailed, precise, and sustainable landscapes.  From simple repairs to complex designs, East Bay Landscaping Co. is capable of executing exactly what you’re looking for.


Services include:


  • Sustainable/organic techniques

  • Landscape and irrigation consulting, design and installation

  • Facilities maintenance

  • Drip irrigation conversion 

  • Tractor mowing, weed abatement ​

  • Irrigation systems design and installation​

  • Comprehensive landscape maintenance programs 

  • Water conservation

  • Routine landscape maintenance 

  • Drought tolerant/native plant material design & installation 

  • Retail, hospitality, municipal buildings

  • Xeriscape management

  • General Landscape Repairs

  • Design and grounds renovations

  • Irrigation repairs and modifications (we offer rebates on new sustainable irrigation equipment!)

  • Water auditing

  • Grounds Care

  • Turf management

  • Capital projects, landscape, and grounds maintenance​




Water irrigation systems installation & Garden Landscape in Fremont CA

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